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STAR Net is different from the existing Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains that focus on trading crypto currencies. Cryptocurrency and digital assets such as NFTs are very different in nature. Just as the OS for PC is different from the OS for smartphones, the OS for existing crypto currency and OS for NFT transaction must be different. STAR Net is an OS designed to enable faster and cheaper trading of digital assets such as NFTs.


Supports NFT transaction at a high speed of 10,000 TPS. Such speed is necessary for trading digital assets such as NFTs. Check out the actual speeds claimed by other mainnets.
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Extra Low gas fee

The gas fee is only 1 cent. A low price is essential to convert the numerous digital assets we own into NFTs.

Safe with PoA Consensus

Fast and safe NFT trading is possible using the PoA consensus algorithm.

Ethereum Bridge

Fully compatible with Ethereum and supports EVM.
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NFT Anti-Fraud Engine

The biggest problem in NFT is piracy. STAR Net provides an engine that can filter fraud.
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Can be used even by novice developers

Anyone who does not know a language such as smart contract or solidity, the language of blockchain, can make NFT converting service or transaction services in their web or app easily. STAR Net provides a very easy API or code.

Total solution for NFT business

Cryptocurrency services and NFTs are different. For NFT service, STAR Net provides a total solution. Don't wander in multiple places. STARNet provides everything for NFT services.

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NFT conversion service

STARNet provides an API to convert any digital asset to NFT with one click.

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NFT file storage service

The file converted to NFT must also be saved somewhere. Unlike other mainnets, Star Net basically provides file storage services. STAR Net store NFT files in triplicate on the most secure servers globally.

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Free support for building NFT marketplaces

STAR Net provide templates of more than 50 different designs of NFT Market. By selecting the design and function according to the user's taste, the NFT market can be operated without additional development. It is the same as Shopify provides e-commerce platform.

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Crypto Currency payment support service

STAR Net users can pay with almost any coin: Bitcoin, Etherium, BNB, Doge, EOS, Klay, Luna, Solana, etc. Eliminates the effort of creating a separate payment system. STAR Net process all payments for you.

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More to Discover

STAR Net creates NFT, To make transactions fast and cheap, we additionally support the following services:

With Extremely Easy API, anyone can easily create an NFT conversion app.

STAR Net supports api so that anyone can easily create NFT. Even beginners can add a nice NFT conversion function by inserting simple code into existing html etc. Test https://metabox.page. We provide these features for free.


Supports most wallets such as MetaMask

STAR Net supports most wallets such as MetaMask, Wallet Connect, Trust Wallet, Rainbow wallet and more.


Provides STAR Scan like Ether Scan

STAR Scan Explorer, which has the same function as Ether Scan. Since STAR Net is a public chain, all transactions are searchable.


Ethereum BRIDGE

STAR BRIDGE provides a bridge between Ethereum and STAR Tokens. STAR Token is a token that must be purchased to pay the gas cost of STAR Net. STAR Bridge supports conversion to most well-known coins as well as Ethereum. Users can even pay by credit card.


The cheapest and most secure IPFS service

Currently, NFTs are paying server fees to store NFT assets by DApp companies such as OpenSea. However, if user move NFT to a personal wallet or if companies want to store their images or documents with NFT, a separate IPFS server is required. There is a risk that the NFTs stored by the current IPFS server companies will disappear together if those companies go bankrupt. STAR Net stores NFT at a price less than 1/2 of other IPFS services and safe PoA-type IPFS server operation to avoid such risks.



STAR Net allows multiple customers to safely create NFTs, STAR Net is operating a thorough security and monitoring platform so that transactions can be made.


Create NFT Marketplace for Free – Whitelabel NFT Marketplace

STARNet provides free support to build the NFT Marketplace.
Support contents

Select your favorite Template, and contact us.

Free NFT Site Builder

STAR Net provides a free “NFT creation” site builder. STAR Net members can choose one of the options to enjoy the FREE NFT creation site builder service.

Option 1

Please refer to www.metabox.page
STAR Net members can use this template by replacing only logo and categories.

Option 2

The design and function are made by yourself, and only the NFT conversion function is used through API.

Option 3

STAR Net customizes the functions you need.



We provide services at the following prices for dAPP and general users using STAR Net.

Gas Fee

1 cent


1 Transaction
Up to 300M/transaction

NFT Creation Site

$ 0 /mo


Basic design and function are free.
Please request customization.

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